Are we there yet?


And the answer is?


At least on this section – probably

What’s next?

Last photo (showing bought-in cart) is the area that needs dealing with.

  • Directly in front of the porch section there are plans for a piece of muddy street that will be attached and come away with the porch.
  • Behind the porch and in front of the boy in the window is a very small area which needs adding to the boy’s section so that it will come away when that is opened.  The plan is for something a little higher than the cobbled area already in place on the porch.
  • The larger area falls under the heading of fixed in place.  Some, nearest the boy and window piece, needs to be very flat so that it doesn’t impede the free opening of that section, but the rest can be pile and ridged and rutted, always assuming that is something that I can achieve.

Where did I put that plaster of paris roll, I wonder.  Might use that to augment the Art Maché and play with them both on a cardboard base and just see what comes out of it.  Mud pie time!



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