The room of two parts


Before the ceiling is sealed in

I left off last time with a decision about the setting for the room:  no people, plenty of animals.  Today it’s just coming together ready for the adding of the ceiling, so certain photo shots will soon be impossible.  Here’s a taste of what there is before it disappears.

Back on the level

theinfill dolls house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house - bringing together two halves of a room

As we were with a few additions and alterations – photo taken with camera parked at the join of the two halves

You can see the floor disappearing under the balustrade/step overhang.


and additions

The ceiling pieces and the A frame to match the gable wall are all cut, sized and ready and it’s about time I found out whether all the pieces really do fit or if it’s the ever lovely wishful thinking and my steamed up spectacles.


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    • Many thanks for your kind words – it’s the freedom of doing a little of what I fancy that drives things along for me. Longer silences in the blog may often indicate I’ve painted myself into a corner somewhere with an idea that has more ambition than common sense and am looking for stepping stones out of the predicament. Witness the fact that I haven’t done the attics and the main roof yet!

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