Figures or furry friends?


Vamp till set

It’s been an assemble and step back carefully day.  Gable wall and other side wall are hugging close to each other waiting for the glue and other arrangements of attachment to take.


There are always other jobs to do, things you notice whilst standing there like a prune holding the pieces of model firmly together and hoping the glue will start to ‘bite’ so that you can scratch your nose etc.  And now, of course, seeing as one can notice quite a lot in three to five minutes of physical inactivity, there is a detailed little list of things piling up and in need of finishing/amending/re-arranging.  I think you get the idea.

But most of these jobs also involve waiting for stain or glue to do their thing, which brings me to the what’s next question of what’s the room for.

Populating the scene

theinfill dolls house blog - the infill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house - populating the scene

Who’ll make the first move?

This is the family/private sitting room attached to the Guild Master’s office.

The plan was for it to be the Guild Master and his wife, daughter, mother or housekeeper being very domestic, working, sewing and generally chatting, but I don’t have any figures I like for the job.  I thought I had but it seems not and I have no fancy for the gamble of homemade figures coming out the way I’d like either.

Time to play

Perhaps a further animal story, not unlike the family dining room set up might do the job, with evidence of recent human activities lying round?  Well, exactly like the family dining room, if I’m to be honest, so there’s that against the idea I suppose.

Not so sure whether this spaniel is a little early on the scene for the supposed date but he’s the right size for the job.  Might cause the mouse a little wear and tear or some other injury to try to make it look less as though it’s made of sugar, maybe.

theinfill dolls house blog - the infill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house - populating the scene

and from a little further back – plenty of room for embroidery and the odd book, piece of clothing etc to be lying around

Ah, I did enjoy that, it really made a change, and, although I was working near the newly glued, it fed my ever hungry curiosity and kept my busy fingers from trying out how glued was the glue.


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