Plastered, barred and glued


Cribbed, cabbined, confined

Window – barred

The old barring grid I’d made when doing the remodelling of the Great Hall light way back when, but never used it for the job.  More surprising than it being hoarded away is the idea that I actually knew where it was hiding.  I’ve used both bars and mock lead glazing wanting to give the impression of smaller panes in a smaller window.  Of course it also adds a little mystery as to why this little room should be so heavily barred.

Plastered and glued

A six layer cake of mock plaster panelling.  Four pieces of wood and two sections of air-drying clay impressed patterned section.  I’m hoping that by the time the ceiling is on and with the shadowy lighting it might take on a better aspect. Either that or it might shine like a folickly challenged elbow.

And thank goodness and hallelujah, we’ve swapped back cameras.  The first photo of the gabble window is one of the last taken with the other camera and the photo immediately after that is one of the first with my usual.  Nothing wrong with the camera, by the way.  My hands are too small and kept catching the mode dial on the swap, so that instead of general photography it kept moving (mid button pressing motion may I say) to another setting.  Harrumph.

Why the Scottish play quote? I borrowed part of the rhythm and thought I ought to own up.

Here’s a little something else.  I stumbled on this today when I put in a wrong link for something.  We’re not just talking here about the houses in between but the houses between the houses in between.   Are the end walls all glass do you think?


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