Small progress


definite progress

It has been a couple of sessions involving bobbing around and around from job to job clutching little bits of wood and a glue bottle.  From one bit of work on one surface to the other placed somewhere else whilst bits are left on the dining room table to dry out.  And what exactly has this sticky whirligigging achieved?



Back to outside

Gable top floor

Still having probs with the swapped camera so apologies for any fuzzy fotos.    Patterned barge boarding will be added down the slopes on the face of the gable to finish off the edges, so the balsa pieces are there as the base for it.

Down the other side

In the last posting I added a labelled view down the side nearest the porch.  Here’s the other side based on an older photo, but fully labelled, I think.

theinfill dolls house blog - the infill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean 1:12 dolls house - down the other side labelled

Now working on panels for side wall of porch sitting room/office and, between gluing bouts on that, am fiddling on with that there gable point window and space.  Off to see what’s dried and what’s not.  See if I can put the jigsaw back together again and hope it all still fits.  Tomorrow. Or the day after, maybe.


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