Trying something out


Art Maché for plasterwork panel

There’s an area of the gable interior wall that needs a little something.  It’s a space that the cooming leans in to.

I’ll try to stop typing gobbledygook

and explain.

2 gable end wall re possible plasterwork panel

The coomed side sections of ceiling will lean in to the gable slope and either the end wall at that point would have the same covering as the cooming (patterned white wallpaper) or a little something else.  The lower part of the gable wall will be panelled up to the height of the top of the window, with the same white bits and pieces of trim above it as in the office which is the other half of this room.

theinfill – the infill – Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean Dolls House Blog - tale of two offices - The Guild Master's

That strip plasterwork and wood trim painted white would take us up to the first dotted line on the diagram.  The second line is more or less at the flat ceiling level so the space between is where I’m thinking of the experiment going.  I hope that’s a bit clearer.  Well, I think I know what I mean …

If it is going to be a panel that goes there then it needs a good clean and straight edge. The space is a double wedge shape following the slope of the gable and I don’t have the skills to make a former out of wood or card that will be accurate enough when finished.

Aha! Foamboard to the rescue

As the former will really be a framework that will remain in place, the inside of the former can be ragged but the outer edge needs to be straight so why not cut out the centre of a piece of carefully measured foamboard? Any fancy trim can be fixed on top of the foamboard edging afterwards.  Well that’s the theory.


The card backing to the framework is fairly thin but essential to keep it in shape as the edges of the foamboard shape are very narrow and I’ve placed it to dry on a natural surface (wood) so that it should ventilate better as it dries out.

The edges of the stencil impressions are not super smooth or as regular as I’d like but I think, assuming it dries OK, that (with a kiss and a promise and a following wind) it might do the job.


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