Gardening Leave


Not 1:12 scale but it is a small garden

It’s that time of year. Around this area they always say you should plant your first potatoes at Easter. Not planting potatoes this year but I got planting anyway. As the weather has more than obliged the least I could do was to go to it.

News-grams from the gardening front Sunday – Friday inc

Started on the ‘flower’ beds

Resorted and moved plants around in the bed with the mini apple tree so no tall plants are too near the tree. The mice climb up and eat the apples all the way round the middles and leave you with a cartoon apple core.

Definition of a weed?

Pulled out all the spreading and self seeded lovelies that were not supposed to be there and generally cleaned up autumn/winter bits and now hoping everything will eventually emerge as planned.  Also added fresh compost all round on two of the beds and as many of the loose pots as I can get to at the moment.

theinfill, the infill - Medieval, Tudor to Jacobean dolls house blog - gardening leave

Replanted blueberry bushes.

They were against a neighbouring wall which had what was a low hedge the other side of the wall at time of planting. Said hedge is now 10 foot tall and the blueberries are in the dark. Now moved to large pot next to mini cherry tree so can net them both from the birds all in one go, hopefully when the time comes. That flower pot was big enough for me to sit in (though also small enough for me to get stuck). Was great fun moving it empty round to where the blueberries were going to go. I don’t think I could stand up straight for quite half an hour afterwards!

The weather has now broken and it’ll give my garden cramped hands and crunched up back a chance to rest up a little before moving back to mini-ing.

theinfill, the infill - Medieval, Tudor to Jacobean dolls house blog - gardening leave

Workroom window in corner by stone bench. You can just make out the longer lengths of wood standing on the left side, shorter ones on the right and stacks of things on the window cill


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    • Commiserations re winter, but round it’ll come nevertheless – spring summer here are quite short though we sometimes get an extended autumn. Spring will be round again soon 😉

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