Hmmm, where were we up to


Someone please remind me of story so far

Ah yes, got the ground floor more or less doodled and was about to go off into “can I get this to fit in place again” limbo because the new table surface under the porch didn’t sit at the same angle anymore.

Well, am pleased to report I have made my peace with the change in the fitting together project. Having hacked away at this and sanded down that we’ve reached a point where it’s as close as it’s going to get and it’s this or nowt, and have therefore moved on to higher things.

That is the next floor

Remember the strange flight of idiocy that had me producing a corbelled chimney above a window? No? Probably as well if you don’t. I took it down and scarfed in more balsa to hide the damage to the beam there and made good the brickwork.

theinfill – the infill – Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean Dolls House Blog – Front Porch - first floor (second if not a Brit)

Scarfed in a piece of beam

Some of us never learn

Then proceeded to rebuild a smaller version of a corbelled chimney which, without further recourse to either sense or health and safety, I’ve added to the piece of wall round the corner from the main double door entrance. It’s on the other side of the porch to where the fighting and squabbling are going on which is about four inches over from where the other attempt was, just to the left of the window.

The all or nothing chimney

To ‘pot’ or not to ‘pot’ – probably not unless I make a fresh one.  This one’s OK for a try-out but too yucky even for me to use.

No walls just the chimney

Oh, and the fireplace made with air-drying clay some weeks back. I have cut out side walls for this room and the gable end wall which will go up further still, but don’t want to add them until the chimney and fireplace are set up.

Fireplace and lighting cubby hole

Am still mucking about with edgings and finishes but fortunately the fireplace/side walls will never be seen head on once the room is complete.

Growing a room from a chimney

Floor down, fireplace in, more or less, and walls getting their outer coating of salmon pink and beam-work and inner of panelling.

Am having trouble staining basswood generally and should have stuck to obeche but now I have some panel pieces in basswood to use. I’m finding it looks dead when stained using the usual canned stuff so am using pastels and surgical spirit in the hope that it would be a little more controllable and a little more lively looking.

Walls at last

The wall inboard of the fireplace has to have the electrics running through it, leaving a plug to join a socket in the main building when it’s all docked together.  Because of the wiring this wall is a thicker sandwich than the gable wall will be.  I stupidly decided to have a very small window in it which I’m finding really fiddly when matching up through all the layers of the sandwich and will need to do it again for the matching window facing it – that one being a sandwich so that it has the same depth of window, would you believe!  So much for thinking it through thoroughly when planning, eh?


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