Last homemade figure in place


Cueing up a hat with a broom handle javelin style

All the air-drying clay figures

They are now dressed and in use.  They worked quite well overall and I’m really pleased that I was able to use them. Two did lose fingers in the process.  They were the two that had DAS clay hands whilst all the others had Creative Paperclay hands.  They broke due to rough handling more likely than not, but they were crumbly at the breaks.

theinfill – the infill – Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean Dolls House Blog – Front Porch - figures out and in the porch

Edge not finished but view of inside and out

Where now

The unfinished edges to the porch, very visible in the inside/outside view, are hacked about as I’m refitting it to the building.  Why?  Well I started the porch and the fitting process when the table it sits on was not permanently fixed up, and now it is the angles are all slightly different.  The connecting walls and the above floor level no longer meet in the same way.  Very frustrating.  These are definitely the next jobs, then onwards and upwards from there hopefully.



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