Door Day


A bit of a fey day

Introducing the doors

The doors are a sandwich with a core filling of foamboard and outer ‘bread’ layers of 0.8 mm obeche scored to look like planking.  Monstrously thick and very low (they’re only the equivalent of 5 foot tall) these chunky doors need a hefty latch.

Trouser waistband clips ahoy

Having established that the doors were now approximately 1/8 inch out all the way round, I ploughed on regardless – a what the heck kinda day. The doors hadn’t grown by the way, but the added trim on the panels etc and the amendment of the end wall blew the measurements to blazes.

Goldilocks and the hinges

I bought some lovely 1:12 hinges from Romney Miniatures which would have been great if I’d kept it as one big door instead of chopping it in to two, so now the hinges look too big. I’d also bought some beautiful 1:24 ones from the same supplier, but they look too small.  Cardboard ones are now on of a size somewhere around 1:16 ish I should think.  I used 2000 microns card, the same as used for the lift latch on the trouser bits at the top of the page.  (That really doesn’t sound quite right, does it?)

I more or less got the doors into place but totally forgot to put the studs on the inside cross pieces, so we’re going to have to do without – sorry.

The ‘mystery’ blob

For those who are wondering what that is on the upper section of the right hand door perhaps I should explain the door knocker.  I don’t know why, but I fancied something a bit Durham CathedralNot the actual sun face of the Sanctuary Knocker, but of that ilk. If you look very carefully at the ‘Hinges to the right of them …’ photo, you might be able to see a sunburst style one in place.  It looks very silly up there but it is only at just under 5 foot high.  I probably shouldn’t have included it but it pleased me at the time, your Honour.

Otherwise it’s been a seal any surface that doesn’t move day, spreading the matt finish varnish on all the very bruise-able surfaces, and there are oh so many of them.


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