In and out, light and dark


The ‘in’

I’ve added shutters to one of the windows, having trimmed the panel edges on that side, and changed the end wall.

The ‘out’ and the ‘dark’

There now are strange not quite cobbles and not quite tiles or slabs at the front and a little down the sides, where it changes into broken crazy paving, and I’ve added a balsa wood mounting block round there too.  I went for the wobbly cobbly look as a contrast to the smootho of the internal tiling.  They all need grouting and plant life adding, at which point the bilious colouring should be less in evidence.


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Just grouted it and it still looks bilious

 The light

I’ve had a go at two tallow ‘horn’ lamps with the light bulb at the bottom but have yet to put them up. They need the other trim bits adding to the porch and the doors too, so that I can see where’s the best position that’s available for these lamps. They are made from the inevitable balsa bits of stripwood for the base and back, a slice of a very wide see through drinking straw for the horn lantern look, jewellery findings for the pointy top to the lamp, florists wire for the handle and a cut down toggle for the lamp well. The toggle is one you might use on a kagool or a full-sized pull light cord, but it needed chopping down to size and painting. And of course there’s a very small wired light bulb in there too.


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