A playing about with a table day


Ideas, patterns and colours

Still not done the finishing edges or sorted the end wall but the wood for it did arrive today so onwards and upwards tomorrow.

Along with the bread I thought we might offer drink, for which I thought we’d need a table below the bread cradle.

Table ready for the off

Being cheapskate I’ve hacked about (a horrible amount) one of the standard tables that usually comes with a couple of benches. It’s often described as a refectory table and has harp shaped supports.  I had kept it in the “to go” box.  It’s now half the width it was, marked up as a three plank table (though you can’t see it because it has a cloth on) and had the stretcher between the legs hacked at its midway point to give it a little bit more of an early English gothic look.  I’ve also stuck on a couple of bits of bruised balsa wood, one on each leg adding further pattern.

Whilst having a play around, I made a bench for outside out of lengths of balsa stripwood and am waiting to see if today’s other experiment has worked, which is a couple of horn lantern lights with the bulb in the bottom.  More about that in more detail, one way or another, next time, when I also hope to have got at least some of those finishing bits of woodwork actually in place.


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