How much wood?

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Through the second window

Internal decor

Every edge is shouting for wood

All the walls were done as top and bottom panel sections, measured, dry fitted, all fitted again together etc, but once glued in place there’s always further bits to do.  It’s amazing how many pieces of wood it takes to dress around some ‘scenes’; the edges, corners floor and ceiling levels all need a trim.  I’m in the midst of this at the moment with mini pieces of woodwork hurtling off all around the room as my fumble fingers fail to keep a hold and everything I touch is looking horribly over-handled as usual.  But more of that further on.

Story to this moment …


These panels were done for the second wall to sort of match the first.

Mostly cardboard

Second window

I took a knife to the first window and slimmed down the visible bits of balsa and made the second from cardboard.  (Truth be told, I actually tried to remove the first window but it was so firmly fixed it wouldn’t come out.)

Used pastels and surgical spirit to stain the cardboard which did make it go a little frilly around the inside of the arches!

At which point in the narrative

I must own up to going off the rails.  The blood must have rushed to my head causing me to decide to make a corbelled chimney.


Well, (and I’m writing most sincerely now) I would like there to be a small fireplace in the mini sitting room above, but don’t like a fireplace without a chimney – I know it’s just a dolls’ house, I really do but all the same …

Now I do know that you wouldn’t really build a corbelled chimney above a window, but nevertheless that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I’m hoping to tie it in with the brickwork on the end of the wall just to the right and the beginning of the main building further on still, where it will join the main model bulk. Even so it will be out on a limb and directly over said window. And I was concerned about having a fireplace with no chimney???? What can I say?

Rush of blood to the head it is then.



The Merchants’ Marks

Around the two side walls I’ve ironed stencils on to stained leather imprinting some of the merchants’ marks.  They identify ownership/person etc.  The ones I’ve used are based, mostly on or loosely around the sign of four, often combining the merchant’s initials.

The colours are all very bright but the porch will have a dark wood ceiling and little or no lighting internally so it shouldn’t jump out quite so much. We’re very used to seeing the unpainted plasterwork, stonework and woodwork that has travelled down through time.  Quite what it might have been like in the full glory of the colours of that time is fun to speculate upon.  (Always assuming that you believe that they were brightly painted that is.)


Presently, whilst I brood on the offending end wall, I’m fighting the bits of trim and making shutters for the window openings. All the while trying womanfully to stay away from further rushes of blood to the head, though the corbelling was a giggle to work out 🙂

Further link re Sign of Four

Glasgow press printer’s mark


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