A thinking planning and prepping kind of day


Finding the feasible

A tale of wood and more wood

theinfill – the infill – Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean Dolls House Blog – Front Porch externals

The porch

The vague plan is all there – well somewhere out there in the hidden corners of my brain, but there are specifics that are so woolly there’s no way to get hold of them. I’m keeping the general build of the Guild Hall in Lavenham in mind in the hope that some of the look of it might seep in whilst trying to make sense of where my plans and ideas are going.

Where to begin, where to begin

I’m going to have to ponder on the nebulous and fancy bits and circle round back to the easier decided bits. But first there are lots of lengths of wood needing staining.

So far the porch is:

  1. removable
  2. two storeys + poss a little room in top at gable or at least a window(?)
  3. has overhang on three sides – varying
  4. one side has deep overhang that needs pillar support – what pillars?
  5. the doorway is large – one big door or split down the middle – unknown
  6. the doorway will need a good surround to go with the big door – what
  7. the external finish is probably brick pattern panels between beam work with plasterwork higher up
  8. there are two windows at ground level, one each side – glazed or not?


Squirreled away against the coming of a rainy day I’ve got all sorts of things that have been bought because they looked as though they might come in handy. Wooden candlesticks that might be chopped up, twisty moulding that has pattern all the way round, plain square sections of white wood, Burbidge mouldings, dowelling etc. Although most are suitable for 1:12 they still look too bulky to me, or perhaps too busy.

Decision and action

In the end I’ve gone with a sandwich. Two pieces of astragal moulding filled with a piece of balsa wood. A balsa sandwich.

The astragal along with a friend who is slightly less complex in pattern is going to be used for the corner nearest the pillared overhang too.


Over the door, most suitably, will be the Sue Cook Gothic overdoor.

I’m leaning towards beheading the gothic shaped door I’ve made and sticking a straight piece across the top of the opening, squaring it off. Also I’m halving the single door to make two. Some problems solved by making it rectangular and some caused by breaking it into two. What’s the betting, when it comes to it that I can’t get them to hang equally?

Beginning to get it together

theinfill – the infill – Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean Dolls House Blog – Front Porch externals

Trying to see if there’s much of a colour match between the stained wooden moulding and Sue Cook Miniatures plaster Gothic overdoor

Despite the fact that I’d like to have left the overdoor arch till last, it had to go up very early as so much wood work has to find its place around it and I don’t want to have to force it into an estimated space later on in case I crack it.

The foamboard doorway, sanded down earlier, got me all of a do-dah trying to think about the best ways of sealing the edges. And then a dress making moment overcame me and using dark stain pen on paper, I cut the paper into strips using it as binding over the edges. Now at least when there are miniscule gaps around anything next to the door opening they won’t show bright white edges or chipping brown paint with foam bits breaking through.  Phew!

Paper binding and more bruised balsa

Wall coverings

Busy making one or two brick panels to see what they look like and I’ll let you know when I know 😉




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