Retrofitting – a week’s workings


That which was to be fixed is now removable

(see previous posting re fixed window seat panel)

Problems to be sorted

  • How to work on the piece without damaging what’s there
  • How will it be removable/replaceable
    • hinge, clip, interference fit?
  • Blocking off light leakage round removable part
  • Interference fit but how to dress the jetted overhang
  • Assess if different methods for each side

Wood to the under jetting

Having got the panel to fit tightly without light leakage it now causes problems with what to do with the protruding under-surface of the room above.  A tight fit means wear and tear when the panel is taken in and out.

I thought, briefly of doing the overhang in two pieces, attaching the window panel section to the panel itself so that it came away too when you opened up that area.  Far too complex and would probably sag more than the other section of under jetting that would be hard glued.  Thin paper perhaps?  Sealing a surface of paper sufficiently so that it isn’t worn away quickly might be a problem.  There was nothing for it but to reduce as much as necessary from the end faces of the panel frame to allow some thin wood boarding to be stuck up there.  I don’t know if this will remain satisfactory for any greater time than paper would have, but it does look a lot better.

Georg Giese – (or Gisze) was around a lot earlier than this scene but the room around him (as painted by Holbein) and the table with all the symbolism of that captured moment are fascinating and a good source of ideas for we lazy folk when dressing a space 😉



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