Push on with the wall


Ignoring the tidying

And some additions made

A pleasing discovery 

I’ve a stock of cheap, thin mounting board which is shiny white on one side and cardboard brown on the other.  It gets used for all sorts of jobs.  Today I needed a reasonable back for the removable wall and decided that it was a job for this card.  Anything that could be varnished and handled was all that was needed.

I scored the card as planking and used an ancient Dylon felt tip.  I’m talking a purchase from 30 or 40 years ago here! There’s an off-cut of the scored card leaning against the pen so you can see the original shade against the colour achieved with the old dye pen.  The result of using the felt tip was a total surprise to me – it made the surface appear less card and more wood like.

The second …

Leather bound mini books - theinfill dolls' house blog - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean

some more ledgers for the extremely disorganised cupboard in the office




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