Bringing closure to cupboard episode


Working on three pieces

The hidden chapel

Another on-going ‘thing’

The door to the office/private sitting room has been cooking in stages.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - office/private sitting room door

Being a multi-layered door it needed a couple of side pieces of wood to hide the sandwich. Have added filler at join edges where there was gapping.


theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - office/private sitting room door

All dried, all wood made to match a little more and lovingly polished

Now it just needs some door furniture. I’ve got door knobs but no hinges.  Must make shopping list.

And the third piece

Aha!  I actually made a cupboard – of sorts

What’s on the to-do list

For the chapel:

Put it in place and make sure no light escapes around it if possible.  Then add the fourth wall which is going to need a great deal of thought.  This will look, more or less, like a wall but it will act as a door, possibly moving other things with it(?)  Not too clear, huh?  Dunno quite yet how it’s going to operate.  I’m thinking on it.

For the door:

Furniture and door surround – but it would be useful if it had a finished wall to be set in first!

For the cupboard:

Ditto re a finished wall to sit against.  Then said wall, I think, will be covered in shelves above and down one side of the cupboard.  Giving lots of scope for documents, boxes, books etc to be added.

Order of play

All the walls at the back of the space to be decorated and fixed along with any flooring.  Then the chapel can find a home, the storage space can be sorted out along with the wall/door (mentioned above) and another door needs making for entry from office to storeroom.

So the next visit to the ‘potting shed’ is going to involve me and lots of paint and glue.  Oh frabjous day – I’ll undoubtedly get it absolutely everywhere.


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