Trying to hide a room


Walls and doors

Fixed and moveable

I’m still feeling my way through the shape and orientation of this space, by building cardboard walls to see what can be done.

Doors and doorways need to be considered.

  • Is there a real need for a door to be placed in the opening from the main sitting room?
  • How much opening space is needed for a door into the new private space?  It definitely will need a door.
  • What is happening in the small space between the two doorways?

I’ve decided on an answer for the last question.  I’m making it into a small servery to be used to hide a servant waiting on guests dropping into the public sitting room and for whoever is using the private one.  A food cupboard, a shelf or two, a trestle table perhaps, cloths, mugs and a stool etc.  I have the food cupboard already, and a very nice one it is too, though large, and it will be visible from the existing sitting room giving a nice joining view.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - 1:12 half legs - building a 'hidden' chapel and related spaces

A servery area.  The strange box with a slope in the corner is the head room for the main stairs below, whilst the window above it faces into the Great Hall and the ‘minstrel ‘gallery/landing

Which, in turn, answers the first question.  The whole idea of a view through to this space from the left means there’s no need for an actual door there.  It has a great big hanging on one side of it already, at the front of the present sitting room.  So I must find a suitably neat way of finishing the doorway edges.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - 1:12 half legs - building a 'hidden' chapel and related spaces

The doorway that needs no door with a view through to the servery

That leaves the size and position of the door into the new space.  The servery is small so the door can’t swing into there, but will have to open in to the new room.

Some of the first things I made, whilst waiting for the glue to dry on the beginnings of the Great Hall and entrance, were doors.  Wide lollipop stick doors.  Some I’ve used here and there and the rest I’ve stored away on the off-chance.  I dug one of the narrow ones out today.  Too short probably – equivalent of five foot – so a small extension is called for to bring it to about six foot.

It may be “all change” tomorrow.  Uncertain about the raised flooring for the chapel.  It’s like that at the moment because of some silly back-story I’ve had in mind about hiding it.  I was thinking of having a loft hatch below in the vestibule which (if it actually worked) would open onto storage space for the merchants passing through, and could be inspected by those suspicious about hidey-holes and places of banned forms of worship.  Some of the storage space would be a dummy, as it were, and that would be the chapel.  A bit thin?  Yup.  Still thinking about it.  Access to the chapel is from the private office/sitting room space – behind a panel of course.



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