Tidying towards a chapel


And about time too

The space allocated for this has been stuffed to the gunnels with goodies like some forgotten attic.  I have now removed them and sorted them a little.

In amongst the squirrel store were five doors (bought in a sale from The Miniatures Scene in York quite some time ago) which are to be used as wall panels one way and another.


Well, they’re too big for the ceiling height for a start.  I have chopped off the tops, turned them upside down and applied the chopped bit on the bottom. Uh?


The chapel, by present plans, will be only seven by four – enough for one and possibly a priest, and hidden away behind an office.  As I say, that’s the current plan.  It would therefore have no windows but I have a sneaky plan about lighting and atmosphere.

(And yes, one piece of door btm has slipped from its glue spot temporary moorings on the right – have you noticed it’s getting a little nautical for some reason?)

Current questions and ponderings are as follows:

  • shall it be light stained wood or painted with symbols picked out as on the chapel screen in the Tower
    • or a light stencil pattern, also in the Tower (image below right)
      • If painted is to be the decision then the patterning will be mostly provided by contrasts, such as behind the cut outs and in the lower half sections
  • shall it have extra wood fancy ornamentation (as in the try-out above)
  • should it have a plain white ceiling or painted, panelled or with beams
  • how much of the wall nearest the viewer will be removable
  • how will the inhabitants gain access to the chapel and  how will it be concealed and revealed

The link above re the Tower chapel screen brings you to a very dark image.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - 1:12 half legs - building a 'hidden' chapel

Here’s a much lighter image, giving totally different colours, which I’ve had stored for some while. I think it came from English Heritage at about the time the screen was refurbished

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - 1:12 half legs - building a 'hidden' chapel

Also collected some time ago from same source










Fortunately I’ve already put in a piece of tubing to take any wiring for lighting up to where it needs to be for plugging in.  It only remains for it to be possible to thread the wire(s) through!

But first I must go back and make my wood hacking of the erstwhile doors equal and make good any lumps that I’ve torn off in the process.

Ah, ’twas ever thus when a saw is put in my hand.

— ~—

Image as discussed in reply to comment below 😉

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - blue ceiling with star shapes in Guild Committee Room

Nothing like Hampton Court but silver bits on blue was as far as I got, that’s for sure 😉


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    • Goodness me – all that dripping plasterwork too? If I went that-a-way I’d cheat as I did in the blue ceiling in the Guild committee room. (Can’t find the pic posted anywhere so I’ll post it now as an amendment to this posting) Basically I painted it a suitable shade of blue and stuck silver jewellery cross shaped studs on it.

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