Inspection time – hands up



Having selected a preferred clay, I’m determined to use the silly dratted things that I’m making at present.  Some of them should be OK if in a shadowed area (which these figures will be) and busy doing something mildly entertaining (which I shall try to arrange) and suitably enwrapped in rags (which they definitely will be).

We’ve had one pair of over-sized hands so far, now we’ve got four more pairs, all of different sizes.  They all need re-sanding and repainting before use.

I’ve enjoyed trying to shape the varying sized hands into different poses using the Creative Paperclay.  I’ve found it fairly forgiving, in the sense that it will let you re-work it, re-form it, take wetting without mushing and dries into quite a strong object even when shaped into mini digits.  It responds well to careful sanding too.

Once you’ve got a shape in mind it is easier to shape it (almost pull the shape out of) the clay than I found when handling the clays:  less of a sense of it fighting you and more intuitive to use.

On with the feet – just got round to making the first pair which I’m still shaping – and they look ‘orribly big to me.

theinfill - Medieval to Jacobean dolls' house blog - still forming my first feet



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