Amusing myself with an experiment


Busy, busy – many hands make

for a headache

For some reason I thought that doing a few sets of hands would help the learning process along.  So far, not so good.  However, during a tidying up exercise before lunch, I came across the hand armature pair that were made at the time I did the ‘bunch of bananas’ hands a couple of postings back.  Hmm, to keep or to chuck?

I didn’t fancy wrapping them in clay a piece at a time – not after this morning’s run in with clay and lack of co-ordination.  I didn’t feel like chucking them, but definitely didn’t want to store them.

Aha!  I could play with them.

I’ve made slurry of the Kipper-clay.  Not an easy thing as the fibres are big, so not so much a slurry as an extremely slushy, wet pate.  The bits of shaped wire are already coated with this and that to help the clay to stick.  So dip them I did.  In the pate.

Spreading of the splurge

I used a fine paint brush to move the fibres around more equally and redefine the shape.  It will need another dip when thoroughly dry, assuming that the first coat doesn’t fall off in the meantime.

I did a similar thing with plastic coated garden wire in the Steampunk style model.  The hands on the clock mechanism were dipped for alternate coatings of Vallejo water texture and pewter paint and produced what looks like a rather shapeless pair of rubber gloves.

theinfill doll's house blog -hands for the hands - Time Techs book

One rubber glove to the fore

Not the smoothest item ever seen. I’m hoping that if the clay stays stuck on the dipped wire that it might withstand a small sanding down or two(?)

I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile – less mucking about and back to the hands and more hands.



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