First Hand


Experiment with Creative Paperclay

“A loverley bunch of …” bananas

These are nowhere as fragile as I’d expected.  They’re very rough and over-large, but I’m determined to try to make some use of them.  Who knows, I may never manage again to make anything vaguely like out of the clays.

So, as soon as one of the heads I’m working on was up and almost running, I gave them to him to see what would happen.

They do look at least a 1/4 size too big for him, but I think, if the arm part were cut down in length I still may well give the hands to him.  As soon as I stuck the wispy beard and whiskers on I realised he should have been and Edwardian, but hey ho, Elizabethan/Jacobean he’s going to have to be.

The shoulders and general ‘body’ construction I’ll write about another day. I’ve still got another face to paint and must try making a better set of hands tomorrow.

Now where have I put the instructions for feet?


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