Dreaming of attics


and the choices still to be made

My mind has been full of thoughts of roof shapes and dormers for the big model – all the time I’m doing air-drying clay.

I’ve put up bits of card and balsa ‘sticks’ so that, each time I turn around from the workbench I can see and consider the angles and implications for the building.

Some dream of attics

(reached through the false door by the steps’ turn in the Long Gallery)

theinfill - attics, roofing, dormers and sliding panels - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls' house

The attics have a room for the boys of the Guild Master’s household, possibly a ‘school’ type room and a room for the monk/clerk who lives in and teaches the boys.

Towards the back, a good lump of space will be taken up by lighting sockets for each side of the house, as once again, I’ve taken the wiring up instead of down.  The arrangements are roughly divided between left and right of the model (when facing the front) so there are two lots.  I’ll run the two mains cables down the chimney that is placed on each side.

theinfill - attics, roofing, dormers and sliding panels - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls' house

From the kitchen end of things (except the rest of the kitchen has yet to be built), ie the back face

What are am I looking at?

  • That’s the stone bit of the Great Hall at the left
  • Grey card sections are where walls should be and the large white area of wall has yet to be covered in stone, brick or plaster colouring etc
  • The dog-leg shape is where a chimney has to be indicated by the stone and brick yet to be added (and will be slightly raised so that can run mains cable down)
  • The two pieces of grey card with a dormer point on them represent the closure to the Long Gallery (nearest) and the girls’ bedroom
  • Some element of the dormer, and room walls mentioned above, are envisaged sliding in and out from the roof-line above
  • Both removable walls are planned to have largish windows in them
  • Am not yet sure whether to have pointed or flat dormers
theinfill - attics, roofing, dormers and sliding panels - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls' house

and from the front face – dining room at btm, sitting room above and girls’ bedroom above that

And what’s to see here?

Same as from the other end but with the addition of balsa bits taped in place to give an idea of possible height of ridge and angle of slopes at this point


Well, it’s sat like that since before Christmas and some decisions are ripening.  I think I might put up similar balsa bits elsewhere to get a better all round view and to see if I can fit in the ‘odd’ bit I want centrally and the changes in slope directions.


In the land of clay, I’ve prepared three starter heads, one in each material and letting them rest a little before going on with them.

Each was meant to be on a wire armature but only the Mr Porridge (Art Mache) would smooth out on the wire, so the other two are shaped and then reshaped a little more once a kebab stick piece has been inserted.

theinfill - trying air drying clays - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls' house

All having a well-earned rest


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