Rested Kipper-clay


Staedtler Fimo Air Natural

It needs leaving alone more often

It looked less wet but not noticeably less hairy with fibres.

I worked on it for a further twenty minutes or so.


Home made tools were very useful and their lack of weight seemed to make using them extra delicately easier for me.

Shaping and features were difficult to do as, when I did one I obliterated the other and so on so that one side or the other had to be remade.  A real circular argument.  That’s what I get for not having at least a stick up inside the shape to handle it whilst working.


  • Even if there is a wire or stick armature is inserted, let the basic head and features dry out almost completely (at least 8 hours)
  • then add the further shaping and leave again for 8 hours and only then go back and do the features.
  • Commonsense, I know.
  • All practice is useful practice.

I reckon I’ll be working with a stick inside the head again next time whether it’s better to leave them sitting between stages of building and adding details or not.


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  1. This is all very interesting, and generous of you to offer your findings in this way……. Surely having some sort of armature not only makes it easier to work on the features, but crucially gives a “neck” to attach to body???? I think what you have showed us recently is good, full of character.

    • Many thanks for your kind comment. I’m thinking of having the neck as part of the upper torso piece so that the head can be fairly moveable. I will be putting some sort of wire or stick up into the head. In this particular case I’ve not done it because I want to test their claim that you can drill the dry material.
      Usually I favour the doll kits that have elastic thro a couple of holes in the head of the doll as this gives great movement. I would do that here if I knew what I was doing with the material(s) a whole lot more and perhaps I might yet if I can get more confident with the clay(s). (Who knows perhaps this head will drill adequately to take a strong sheering elastic?)
      Interestingly I’ve come across a Staedtler Fimo clay that’s white and can be dried off in a 10 min burst in the microwave. Ah, another time perhaps, I might get myself sorted and have a go with that, who knows

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