Another day, another head


Staedtler Fimo Air Natural 02

Waiting on previous heads to dry thoroughly and for ideas to shake down in my mind, I’ve started on another clay looking head, but without a wire armature or rod pre-set in it.  This should, all being well give the opportunity to see how it drills/pierces when dry.

Meanwhile, I’m treating myself to some proper tools for the job with an online purchase – which does not mean that I will be able to use them adequately – but they won’t be here till next week, so I’ve bungled some up myself.

First I took a useless eraser

All the green ones have been sanded on all faces as much as possible to eliminate the itsy little bits that hang around and washed and dried.

Sizing decision time

The heads so far have all looked on the large size so I’ve scrabbled around looking for shapes that would give me a permanent gauge to work by.  So far I’ve come up with these.

This is all guess-work, but if I use them and find a given head is too big or too small, or that building up a face in a certain way makes it so, then at least I know that all the variants came more or less from a standard sized beginning and not every thing will be random.

Working the kipper-clay again

Letting it (and me) rest

I’ve walked away from it for lunch and will leave it for about two to three hours as it was beginning to get very fish paste fibre-ish.  If it ‘rests’ like last time when I left it for half a day, some if not all of the fibres may lie down or soak up or whatever it is that they get up to during this quiet period.  So I’ll give it till 15:00 or so and see what’s what.


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