Mixed progress with the head industry


Having great fun

Bit like being on holiday – playing with this, looking at that.  However:

  • not comfy with the finish
  • not sure of the best drying times
  • not sure if I like the change to more cartoon-ish look to heads
  • am seriously thinking of buying small table-top oven so can use other clays

Addressing finish and caricature aspects

Take two heads

Picking up where we left off

theinfill - trying air drying clays - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls' house

Mr Kipper-Clay and Mr Porridge

As you can see the sealant dried OK on both heads after all, so that was good news.

What can I easily improve?

  1. Both have shrunk a little in the drying process, which was also good, but they are both still slightly too big to my eye for 1:12.  Must start with less base of each material before going onto the building up process of chin, forehead etc.
  2. The eyes were over-large (which you would think might make painting easier) but even so I’ve over-run the edges too much for neatness.  I liked using the water crayons but must use much finer brushes to apply it to prevent the overspill – this might reduce some of the cartoon look(?)
  3. The facial colourings and highlights are better than in Ms DAS 01.  I carefully stayed away from the chalk pastels this time and it does seem to have given a cleaner look.  Must make another DAS one and colour it using the same methods to check if that is the difference in the way the surface takes colour.
  4. Admittedly, my preference for the heads pre hair may be because the hair is rubbish. So perhaps next time I’ll go for the knitting wool or (if I can find it – yes it’s still lost) the much finer dolls’ hair.

Not so easily?

Make a smoother more delicate face in the first place.

Practice is, of course, part of the answer so that’s where I’ll move on to next. – go for producing at least two heads in each of the three clays I have to hand.


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