A bit of a body building exercise


Neck and shoulders for DAS 01

I was so impressed by the feel of the dry Art Mache that I decided to construct Ms DAS an upper body in this instead of the heavier DAS.

I thought about it, looking at the dolls I still have as kits, and it’s ended up being a bit of a free flow design – building it as it strikes me, so we’ll see how it goes and if it even works out.

Here’s what I did

The weight of the wet mache was such that I placed the stick across the mouth of a jar (so piece was lying on its front overhanging the jar rim) and pegged the stick to the jar.

As you can see, it still looks like cold flattened porridge but I now have hopes that it might improve on drying and sanding.

Plans for the arms

I’m thinking in terms of making either a pipe-cleaner or wire frame for the arms and wrapping it in one of the usual materials such as wadding and or strips of cloth.  Probably ending with a material, like the cloth, that will stick to the inside of the shoulder structure at the arm joint points.  If necessary it might be possible to pierce the shoulder edges at the arms with a couple of small holes each side so that the arm structure can be stitched to pivot at this place.

Plans for the whole body/limbs

The pipe-cleaner or wire (including the one coming down from the head) will be part of the general body/arms/legs framework that one often makes for kit dolls and therefore should act as one more or less. Theoretically it should provide a fairly flexible figure within the constraints of the wire.

I’ll wait till tomorrow before experimenting with sanding etc and will let you know what happens.  Now it’s beginning to take shake I can’t wait.


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