A bedroom for the girls


Last figure in

theinfill and theinfillclicks - the maid in the girls' bedroom - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls house blog

Young house maid clearing away the truckle bed items

Adding the details

Laying it out

Yesterday I had taken the bed and the figures over to a house-bound friend and, once home, I needed to rebuild the scene.  I decided to take the chance offered of an empty-ish room to work on a separate and firmer grounding for the bits.

An explanation.  Every time you might want to add or move an item something else would go off kilter.  It’s a small space and I’ve closed it off quite a bit and stuffed it full of things.  Added to that the lovely truckle with its wonderful mini wheels and you’ve got me, all elbows, getting hot and bothered when setting things up.

Not wanting to stick down the bed or truckle in a solid way to the room floor, nor have lots of other sticky dots under every item and figure directly upon the flooring, I’ve made a flimsy base from thin card and bits of floorboard sheeting so that I can lay that down to the actual floor.  This need use only two sticky dots and then I can firm up the bed and the truckle to the base with dots and sticky fixer bits.

I’m not making much sense am I?  (I’ll give it another go.) This way, when the time comes that I want to refurbish or change the room, the main floor will not be covered in so many dirty marks.  The other big advantage of the base was for the two side characters.  They needed to be tied in to the central focus of the two children in bed without dislodging the bed or truckle.   I’ve added a couple of ‘wings’, one each side, of the bed, as platforms to dot-stick the figures.

theinfill and theinfillclicks - the girls' bedroom - Medieval, Tudor and Jacobean dolls house blog

All sorted and settled?

Not sure about the shawl at the back.  I’ll look at it after the hols.

Happy hols to one and all 🙂

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