Fallen in a pot of carmine


The maid

There is going to be (I think) a maid folding bedding in the corner nearest the window.  This particular doll’s face is heavily painted, so I’m going to do something about it with a pin and a finger nail.  Even if she doesn’t end up working in the bedroom, there’ll be another worker to go somewhere in the rest of the house that has yet to be done.

Unless I need the stiffness of a freshly made skirt to hold up the figure, I like to crease their clothing a little to get it to look as though it has some ‘hang’.  I wet the skirt and wrap it in an elastic band – (those in the UK given to going to supermarkets might recognize the blue band usually found on the broccoli!)  This character is supposed to be sitting and bending forward dealing with the truckle bed so her skirt needs to be well creased and out of the way.

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