Another hidden space


Whilst the upload’s working

By the way, that’s a Sue Cook 1:24 fireplace yet to be dressed a little.

I’m not terribly happy with the finish on this private religious area.  I’m still thinking about what to do with it so it’s only stuck up with glu-dots.  I use them for lots of things:  to hold furniture in place and on most of the surfaces to site the small objects, for instance, the ink stand is actually held together with them as well as down on the desk.  If you’ve not come across them they’re a bit like (how can I put this nicely) a cross between snail slime and chewing gum and quite small and colourless.  I cut them up whilst there still attached to their paper, sometimes into half and even in quarters if it’s a very small area.

Problems with them?  They’re quite good on wood and paper particularly if you use a ‘scribble’ action on the cellophane backing with your finger.   But they don’t always oblige by sticking to your surfaces and you may need the edge of a finger nail to encourage them to begin to peel off their cellophane.  The biggest problem I have is with static on the cellophane when you peel it off. It just will not be put down.  You can stand there shaking your hand around, scraping it on the edge of the waste bin etc etc, and still it will cling to you somewhere.  Clearing up after I’ve done a glu-dot session needs a vacuum 😦 Sad face because that’s when I lose the bits not previously spotted for safe storage – down the tube they go.


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