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theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval/Tudor/Jacobean - the girls' bedroom

Ashwood Design Miniatures (   – bed, truckle bed, mirror and clothes chest

Why no work on the Long Gallery?

Hello one and all. Pleasant walking weather here, bit blowy but not too bad. The sun has long gone behind the hill and won’t be back till February, but never mind, the days will start getting longer soon enough. And why am I blathering on? To hide my embarrassment as I had mentioned that I’d set about completing the other arm of the long gallery and actually, I’m not able to do that thing.

In order to do it the following have to happen:  the electrics have to be completed and retested. And in order to do that, bedroom #2 needs a ceiling so that the whole of the ‘floor’ above can be completed and the lighting can sit upon its allocated area. And then of course, silly me, I’ve gone and designed this bedroom with a very small opening (like the Arnolfini portrait bedroom).  And this means that most if not all of the inner arrangements must be done from above –  therefore before the ceiling is added!

Result: I’ve been working on the bedroom first.

Dressing the bed

I imagined this room to be for the girls of the family household; probably at least two to the bed and either a third in the truckle or a maid and child, so quite a crowded room.

I love the shape of the Ashwood Design bed and have put a scrumpled hanging behind it to bring some colour/interest to the  white plaster room.

The bed coverlet is a piece of another charity shop long scarf hacked about and the patterned bolster is an old dollhouse carpet from around the 1980s or so I believe, now vandalised with a few stitches and a little stuffing.

Why the room shape

I fancied a mirror to reflect some bits of the corner of the room and made a corner so that it could be reflected to the viewer. That cuts down the right hand side a little – a matter of three inches. I also fancied an angled fireplace again and this would continue the imaginary chimney flue that runs up the side of the building and allows lots of the electrics to run through. That angled bit cuts down the left side a little more – more than another three inches.  All this leaves an opening of about six inches at the foot of the bed.

Viewing the room

There is a large window on the far right giving a clearish view of the door, the fireplace and its wall and by moving from side to side you can see across all of the room. Also from the window you can get a mirror reflection of the lights and views of parts of the room. It will all become clearer (oh yes it will) when the room is done and I put up a few photos.

I’m continuing dotting around the room adding the other items as I go along and building up to do something useful about the inhabitants.  It’s interesting how many variations on a 1:12 theme you can get in figures.  The two added to the long gallery (woman and child) are much bigger in the head department when compared to the ones I’ve allocated to this room.  Which is probably just as well as there is very little room in the bedroom to begin with and I think I’ll be adding four people.  I’ll see how they go.


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