Lighting for figures


Long Gallery – the ‘T’ leg outer wall

theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval/Tudor/Jacobean - Elizabethan-Jacoben Long Gallery

Trying out the slide in wall – used dentil wood strip as shielding for slide in wall, which seems to have worked.  There is a half-inch deep piece ‘stopping’ the peeping through on the inside.  It needs figures in place to really judge whether light pool is enough.

When I last set hands, as it were, on this end of the Long Gallery I was struggling to get the extra lighting the way I would have liked it.

There were already two wall lights but, once I’d decided exactly how many figures were going to be added and their position, it wanted an LED light adding to shine directly on them too. There are two figures to go in: one seated adult, one standing child, both fairly close to the window.  I’d planned for a possible down-lighter to go in, and I’d held off on completing the slide in wall at that point, so that the whole light position/shielding would be part of the inner slide ‘mechanism’.

I put in shielding for overspill inwards and shielding to prevent flare on the slide in wall when it was in place.  Checking it now, I’m not so sure I like the way the down-lighter glares round the inner shielding.  But don’t reckon anything else I’d be able to do would do more than reduce the light too far.

Now I’m really looking forward to getting the two bodies in place to give a little life to the scene.


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