Making a “splash tank”


The staining of wood

I derive great enjoyment browsing craft blogs and sites, admiring the work and picking up methods and tips and generally finding out all sorts of fascinating and useful things from the images and story line.  Occasionally some show the staining of wood, some the result of staining, others mention they have or will be staining wood.  In nearly all, where the wood is shown already stained or actually being stained, because of the wish to provide helpful images, it appears to be taking place on the general work top.

This may be misleading and it just so happened that it was a good place to take a photo, but it always makes me feel uncomfy.  I am capable of getting stain everywhere.  Or rather over a larger area than is required.  I suspect I’m over exuberant when adding the colouring, probably more desperate to get the mask and gloves off than watching out for the spray from the brush.  But spray there often is.

Not the neatest thing in the world

Though a little late to the fair, as it were, I thought it was about time I tried to limit the fall out area of the fine droplets so now that I’ve got a work bench to clutter up I’ve uncovered one of the small tables I had been using.

It’s about 18 inches square (more or less) and one of my many charity shop buys and is just about wide enough for elbows and shoulders when working.  Using the boxing from a flat pack hacked about a lot – (that’s the cardboard box not the small piece of furniture from the flat pack) –  along with miles of brown tape, I’ve put up sides of about 10-12 inches high on 3 sides.  There’s bubble wrap below a newspaper lining – can’t remember why I did that but I suppose I might spill a whole tin when sneezing(?)  The whole thing looks like a badly wrapped item in a Pass the Parcel game.

Hopefully this will cut down on the mystery freckles appearing on shelf edges, pots of paint etc that sit within the radius of the wood staining area and possibly provide a drying frame area too.

I don’t know how sturdy this will be – it’s a sort of experiment before perhaps making something a little more permanent – so I’ll let you know how it goes.


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