Siftings and sortings and placings and plannings


and general prevarications

03_Trays and boxes and trays and trays

Boxes and trays and trays and trugs and …

Today has been a non-mini day as I try to get my head around putting back all the bits and pieces I’ve got out whilst working on the last project. You see, every time I start a different aspect of the model, or some other project, I go through what I think I’m going to need and pop the items into suitably empty containers I’ve allocated for the job. I use small plastic trugs and any of the cleanable superfluous trays that supermarkets love to give us, you know the sort of thing, not all of them plastic types, some of them are avocado shaped! And then within the job I’ll create separate containers for things related and in progress, such as a tray for the people to ‘rest’ in along with any parts made for them, or a collection of things that are to go together in one area. So all this means that at the end of every step within a project and at the very end, there are lots of bits, some salvageable, some not, that have to be restored to their main homes, or new homes found for them, so that they can be re-found next time they’re needed.

I think I’m going to take this occasion as an opportunity to go through as much of the ‘semi-sorted but on the work surface in loose boxes’ system of operation and see if I can improve on it. The biggest of the problems is that I won’t throw away any piece of wood that is more than ½“ in length in the strange belief that it ‘will come in’. Many of them have, so I’ll probably keep up that bad habit. But it does mean that I end up with 4 or 5 boxes or smallish trays lying about with unsorted, different sized, different timber lumps. One big flat tray for all, like a sandpit, and a good rummage through? Daft as it sounds it might be easier.  I’ll think about it.

With the idea of making a clean sweep, today we bought a work surface to replace the so called temporary one of a sagging paste table. Now we have to order legs for it, but hopefully it will be up and running before too long. (Now it sounds as though it’s going to have running legs – sorry.)

theinfill doll's house blog - planning to sort the work surface

and yes, it’s white. Cheapest available and I should be able to find things on it.

The prevarication

I’ve been playing on the web looking around and about and came across and am now deep into page. Absolutely wonderful! The model building that David Neat describes is something I know I’m not capable of, but his methods of instruction and detail of techniques, his materials information and updated suppliers’ details are phenomenal.

More prevarication

Having followed the first link to 4D Model Making Materials on the updated suppliers’ page, I’ve fallen in love with brass wireform mesh and am sitting here thinking of all the things you might be able to do with it. Oh so many things.


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