Blazer with top hat? Surely not!


There’s no accounting for dress sense

theinfill on a steampunk theme - dressing 1:12 scale figure - man -

Possibly needs spectacles or monocle?

This afternoon’s workings

Adapting the pattern for man’s coat from “Dolls House and Miniature Scene” (December 2014 issue) I assailed a blazer design.  I shortened it and cut out some of the skirt widening, added a back pleat, a leather ‘W’ cut collar and a breast pocket.

I hadn’t realised how narrow shouldered the figure I’m working with is.  I had filled out the skinny bits on tum and bum but failed to pad the upper torso at the back.  So I stuffed stuffing across from arm hole to arm hole once the blazer was in position.  His hair is a wool mohair mixed yarn and I should have left it longer – drat.

There are still ‘things’ to do, but top of my list has to be darkening the beard to match the hair.

He now looks like a shady dealer in something we might not want to know about – most unfortunate.

ps: the strange mousetrap shape on the hat is the spring from a clothes peg



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