Striking a pose


Not Boudica, Britannia or Marianne
but having a damn good try

theinfill on a steampunk theme - dressing 1:12 scale figure - woman -

Stirring things up

theinfill on a steampunk theme - dressing 1:12 scale figure - woman -

Looking as though she’s lost her purse


Since I started out with minis not so long ago, I’ve collected various dolls and doll kits to work with in the imagined spaces being built.  There are some that I never seem to select to work with because I keep ‘falling out’ with them. They are the beautifully made Heidi Ott dolls and I kept putting them aside.  So when I started to plan the current project about a year+ ago I swore I’d use at least two of them rather than storing them in a drawer.

And that is where you find me.  Still arguing with the Ott dolls.  They really are beautifully and sturdily made which is why I bought them, but me being a bit of a cannibal when it comes to the shaping of the little figures, I find I’m fighting these all the way – with one major very useful exception.  Because many of them have jersey covered ‘foam’ bodies, they are ideal for stitching clothes to and shoving needles through.  They seem to me to be heavily predefined characters and I find it hard to either gently direct or forcefully shoe-horn them down a different road.

Grandma Ott has, in my imagination, a particularly middle-northern-European look (not unlike many of my relatives) and getting her to take on a different aspect I found a struggle.  I’ve worked on her for two days and now she looks like a gleeful witchy middle-northern-European character:  hey ho!


As you can see from the pictures below, she comes fairly shapeless so I’ve added the usual bumps and curves, and set her somewhere in the last twenty five years of the nineteenth century, so it’s bust and bustle a-go-go.  I found a very useful pattern within an article by Louise Goldsborough in my friend’s copy of Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine for October which is designed for a WWI theme.  Although the shape is a good thirty years after when I want, it is ideal for adapting with a bit here and an extra garment there to send it back in time more towards the outline I have in mind.

(the usual click on the first image should bring you a gallery+info)


On with the next job – the fella on the walkway above.  Wish me luck.


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