Well, more of a token light bulb really

(click on the first image to gain the gallery and the full tale 😉)

Having plumped for a touch of lighting – mostly ‘cos I wanted to play with fairy lights – I decided there was no point ‘hiding‘ hiding wires etc as the theme is mechanico/industrial. (Do you like that phrase?  No idea whether it exists but it tasted right at the time.)

The three lighting wires are threaded through homemade coils.  I left two of the white wires ‘as is’ but the fairy lights needed an extension, which was glaringly white when added to the original green wiring; this I painted with a little black to take it down.

Because it’s only a battery power source, the lighting is very low and is added for a touch of colour and to bring a little something.  Will try it on mains when I’ve finally finished – not before in case I get myself totally side tracked.

Apologies for slight fuzzing of photos as already dark when shot and flash looked even worse.

So where are the workers?

Next job – needles and glue to the fore!  Come on folks, where are you?


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