Plumbing and beverages


Small break needed here

Even before we start, I’ve got side tracked.  I’ve been playing with the possibilities of a 1:12 dog and tea tray of food, (I should be painting tray darker etc).

Cute pet hazard warning


(As usual, click on first photo in each section to get the full story with side comments 😉)

And whilst we’re taking a break

Having taken the side track I then wandered down a side branch and disappeared into the distance of memory.

Messy crochet warning


There came a day when I fancied doing something mini but ‘other’ and thought ‘what about a tray cloth’.   Note to self:  next time you fancy having a go crocheting with sewing cotton just because you used to 30+ years ago, don’t.  Besides which once the mugs and plate are on top you’ll never see it.  Which, when the finished item is viewed, is probably just as well.  Should this, perhaps, be all old china and fairy cakes?

Hmmm.  Is this even going to be a cuppa (ie tea) for the break?  Thinking hat going on.  How’s about chocolate/cocoa?  A radio news item stated that we oldies would benefit memory wise if we drank a mug of it each eve.  (Is that instead of rubbing it in?)  Well you have to start somewhere, (the drinking of) why not try it in 1/12th scale and see if it works?  Hmm?

(Cheated and bought in cake rather than go through the fight of making the lovely but extremely fiddly things – really not my thing at any scale.)

And for the plumbing?

There were bits and pieces of this and that in need of completion to bring the ‘system’ up to scratch for ‘working order’, the output and the waste disposal as it were of this here fantasy mechanism.

Still working on and figures to add 🙂


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