Well, the dratted thing came in thro the door


I’ve skinned the back of my hands removing some of the external finishes on the side I’m working and have spent three days making egg box stone (and, of course brick).

And the title?

Ah, that takes a little explaining.  Stay with me.

This whole model 1:12 scale thing started a short while after retirement hit.  After many years of slowly failing digestive health, I found not working troublesome and needed a little something to bring mind and body back together.  A concentrated effort of energy directed outward.  Three-four years later, I find it’s a good measure of how well my bodily systems are functioning – you know, concentration, dexterity, memory, ability to plan and carry them out, learn new skills and tricks, think around problems etc not to mention space to be creative.

If you can find your way back to the beginning of this odd and embarrassing saga, you’ll see I started cheaply by buying recycled room boxes (a shop’s ex-display items) which I hacked about as the foundation for the model shape gluing it to an old table on castors.  It was then located in what we called ‘the back room’ which had been my work area when I made/sold soft sculpture puppets many years ago. But this space became something else over the years and did not allow a learner the room to swing a blunt saw and eight foot length of timber, nor store the goodies being bought in.  And so we moved the whole shebang to the small bedroom – now known as the Potting Shed.  As this is nine foot by twelve I still have to be careful with the timber, but fortunately it has a very high coombed ceiling.

And as it says in the main title, we did get it through the various doors, up the step and around the tricky corners to get it in to the room.  However, if I continue following my whim and clad the outside in the same manner as has been done so far, it’s doubtful whether it would ever get out again. Yes, the measurements are that tight we’re talking shoe-horn. I must watch the inches/centimetres and keep a strict eye on anything permanently attached that increases the girth.

Length I can play with to my heart’s content, as long as it is removable! (And I will play with it and it will be removable. Yes I have plans, lot of plans.  Pause for moment of maniacal laughter.)

All to save a quarter to half an inch depth/width I gained the skinned knuckles torn on the dry glue when chiseling off the cladding on the kitchen outer wall. Bye, that was glued on well!

I figure that as we got it in here with the doors on (I’m talking real room doors here), there may be a little leeway for getting it out if we take them off, as and when the time comes, but all the same I must try to keep it strictly controlled and halve the depth of all side timbers too.

Also I figured matching stonework might be better than trying to pair up the few bits I have left so, as egg box on cardboard was going to be as thin as I could get, short of buying in ready mades, I’ve been egg boxing – again.

I’ll let you know how it goes 😉



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