The other open doorway


Bedroom 2

Working towards the missing walls to this floor of the model, it was necessary to dig in and work on the other bedroom, on the left side of the long gallery T shape. Because it balances off the Arnolfini bedroom, its outer wall has to be vaguely similar. There are still one or two questions I have in mind re the lighting on this level as well, how it does, or doesn’t spill from room to room, so hence the bedroom workings. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.)

I’ve been hopping around from the inside to the outside, looking at the T leg outer wall and circling around and back to the lighting and what there is to see and what I’d like to see.

So far:

 theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean – insides and outsides

 Whilst fiddling with the new window I carried out what I think is an improvement on the landing window, that is I replaced the wonky wooden astragals with a one-piece cardboard item. I feel better about it anyway.

Dealing with the outside of the model

A bit of an overview

The rough and flexible plan for the outside look of the long sides of the building:

  • ground floor (first floor for those who count that way) a sort of stonework with beams shoved in here and there
  • next floor brick mix with an admix of the ‘pink’ plastering around more beams
  • next again floor pink plaster work and beams with the odd brick possibly here and there
  • top floor pink plaster and beams

All this matching in to the rest of the externals has involved the ‘much loved’ activity of making bricks out of egg boxes. It’s not the doing that gets me it’s the number that need doing that does it. I mean what’s not to like about playing with glue and bits of card and then splodging colours all over them to disguise their origins? That’s very enjoyable. Two thirty to two fifty tiddly bits of flaking egg box card to cut out in order to cover 8″ x 10″ area allowing for a few beams – there-in sneaks the problem. Rationing their use with crafty positioning between extra beams I think is the way to go again.

Just basic brick layout of one offset brick over another, but, once grouted with white wood filler and matt varnished, I’ll cut them diagonally to make rather bad chevrons and patterns between beams and eek them out the best I can.

And whilst the bricks are drying I’ve shoved some flowers in the crater to see whether I can go with it or not. My flower arranging is lousy so they are definitely stuffed in there.

 theinfill doll's house blog - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean – insides and outsides

Was trying for a tight, wreath-like rose ‘thing’ but it looks a little like a dead salad from here. More dignified without, you think?


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