Gallery lighting check, now ceiling is with us …



click on first pic and view in slideshow format
easier to see and to read the captions 😉

… more or less

Before I affix the ceiling, things need checking over, again.  I tend to snap pics as I go along to view all the mess close up and to try to judge the lighting, whilst eliminating as much daylight as possible.  This way I find I get a better ‘feel’ of the space.  Please forgive the dark and grainy images, but exclude light and grain is what you get, however you much you mess with the camera settings.  (It doesn’t actually look this dark to the human eye and would probably never be viewed without external room lights on, so all is remarkably clear when not viewed through a camera lens.)  I can’t take good images through the windows, which is a pity as the view is pretty good.

Need to roll up sleeves and clear the decks

Three more walls to go, (two being removable), people to find and second bedroom to complete.  But to do that I must build some bulkheads going up to the next level to clear the wiring out of the way completely.

Wool winder from Ashwood Designs

Arnolfini bedroom link

Two tables from Mini Bijou

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