There’s a whole lot of flooring going down


A progression of sorts – just keep breathing

I note that it was the 29th August 2013 when the first long gallery posting appeared.

The ten months since then seem to have been filled with a month for a bedroom, ditto for a sitting room, the same period of time for frontages and closing rooms off, all with a side visit to the dining room and a few weeks totally off the homestead altogether doing the Ms Lear up the Tower routine. Meanwhile, my poor brain was churning over what I thought I wanted to achieve in that there long gallery.

Well suddenly, and about time too, it’s beginning to come together.

The main problems, (other than I can’t draw what I want to do, I’m always far too overambitious, I don’t have the woodworking skills etc, etc, etc ad infinitum …) were the order in which the work on any part of this floor of the model would have to be carried out. Each part depended on some other: the two bedrooms provide a wall a-piece for the leg of the T shaped gallery enclosed between them. Which do you build first so that you can still get at the rest of it without knocking down or damaging work done?

The only way for me to tackle it has been slowly, sneaking up on it a bit at a time.

theinfill - Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - Long Gallery rough diagram

As you can see from the diagram, there’s not a great deal of arm, elbow or bosom room going spare whilst balancing up a two-step ladder breathing heavily.

So, having established the preferred height and general design for the gallery, my mind ran away and hid in a dark corner trying to work out the order of play. A hell of a puzzle, which, now the frustrating bit is coming to an end, I have, on the whole thoroughly enjoyed.

Still plenty of time for it all to go pear-shaped!


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