Long Gallery decision time


And an unfortunate resemblance to an Arts and Crafts wardrobe

This, the stem of the T shaped long gallery, is a long thin area, very narrow in proportion to its length at 7 inches by 16.5 and neither of the long walls can be viewed head on.  So all impressions have to be in profile as it were.

So why not same as rest?

  • The first part of the gallery, when viewed obliquely, looks heavy and claustrophobic – too much for this smaller space
  • Want this section to contain some action and a plain background to the activities would help
  • A flattish layout preferable to allow for whatever lighting or furniture will fit in

How did I get into the wardrobe business?

Stages of  ‘thought’

  1. Panelled and with tapestries
    • too narrowing and ‘noisy’ with the colours and size of hangings
  2. Coombed in order to maintain the height of the other section of gallery
    • too fussy
  3. Barrel vaulted
    • again too fussy


  • Flat ceiling at a slightly lower level than other the other part (-2″)
  • Use remains of linenfold sections as link with the view of the fireplace area of the gallery as seen from this end and have plain, home-made panelling for the rest
  • Stain all a slightly lighter colour to give this restricted area a little ‘lift’

Am ploughing on, despite the wardrobe look-alike results and hope that dressing the set will drag it backwards 320 years or so.  Wish me luck.





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