Long Gallery coming to a gentle simmer


Not been hiding out

Between one thing and another I don’t seem to have posted anything much on the house model, but I have been working on it, and not just in my head – now there’s a surprise.

The Long Gallery, not unlike the Great Hall, is a bit of a saga with plans all set out (now those are only in my head) but exactly where best to work from on any given day is highly variable and thus I feel there’s not a great deal of progress to tell.

I ought to explain that this room covers a large amount of what I would call the second floor (but you may call the 3rd floor.  There are 2 room sized bites out of it for bedrooms, one of which is the Arnolfini room already built. The second will then leave a large T shape for the Long Gallery, so working on the T involves shuffling around the different sides, climbing up my little ladder and reaching in.


  • Completed the moulding to ceiling level on existing Jacobean bit and started on a further wall which will be fixed in place, leaving a removable wall to come next to the staircase area.
  • Started on the older style leg of the gallery which runs between the 2 bedrooms, and has a coombed ceiling.
  • Checking the sight-lines from the other end of the model, through windows and opening slide section.
  • Working on jigsaw puzzle pieces needed for the stairwell/bedroom party-wall along with the rest of the stairwell panelling.

Adding in work on the non-opening door at the turn into the Long Gallery, which ‘leads’ up to the next floor to come – has a dummy ladder stair rising into room(s) above.

Next job should be dressing the walls of the coombed bit and going on from there.

See you.

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