Beautiful things

A gift from the network

I’m a lazy net-worker.   I find juggling the needs of the online network ‘noisy’ and I like a bit of peace.  (Having lived 30+ years with no mobile signal at home I’ve never had to adjust to the continuous ‘conversations’ available.)

In the general online world the network also comes to you, which really suits my lazy bones, and I can pick and mix and have wonderful surprises delivered to my mind.  This morning’s mailing was no exception.  A Flickr link lead me on to others and further others and down the rabbit hole I have been, marveling at the wonders around me.

Today’s discoveries stopped me in my tracks and I’d like to share one of them with you.

Tim SidfordSweetington

I believe he’s an interior designer who also does miniature interiors and shelf houses.

Tim Sidford's Flickr stream for Miniature Rooms

from Tim Sidford’s Flickr stream for Miniature Rooms

All will be revealed via the links which I strongly recommend.  His name link takes you to his website and the two others take you to his Flickr stream gallery for each category.

They are all so mind-blowingly beautiful and precise I think they’ve filled me up for the day.



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