Getting to grips with the fourth wall


The trouble I had getting here

I had hoped to have evidence of the fourth wall(s) in place by now,
but, what with one thing and another, this is the story so far…

Sitting room

It’s about time I approached this room as though I was intending to finish it, so I’ve returned to the window wall.

This is the first time I’ve made my own paneling (of the straight Tudor/Jacobean sort) piece by piece, as I’ve previously used fibreglass sheeting, the Dolls House Emporium ‘3 sections in a pack’ – which doesn’t seem to be available at the moment, (but I think you may be able to still get it from Ginny’s Attic) and J and A Supplies half panels.

The panel needs to be a sturdy item, and probably wipe-able as it’s a removable section and for this face of it I’m trying it out with 1/32 obeche on 400gsm card, plus strips of various thickness for verts and horizontals.  Not achieved a brilliant finish to the cut ends of the tiddly bits of cross pieces, but it’s more or less set out the way I imagined.

It is stained English Light Oak, and having checked the base colouration of the wood let it stand a day and put one layer of matt varnish on, I put in the window and try it in place, closing off the room and taking a photo from the bottom of the stairs.  The light seepage at the base of the wall from the lamp outside should go, once the supporting pieces of the slide mechanism are put in place – I think.

Strange happenings

So, I go to smooth down and re-coat the wall only to find that the first coat has started to peel off like a face mask.  I can pull whole sections off whilst others stick firmly in patches.  Same varnish I usually use but with different result.  Hmmph!

In trying to solve the mystery problem the wall panel ends up looking like your skin when you stay too long in the bath 😦

So far I’ve re-coloured it slightly and used it as the trial surface for a new can of the same varnish – 3 coats and no peeling – that’s a relief.

Although its paneling was set out to fit with the Sitting Room and not the Dining Room, (and it gives me the mental version of sitting on a bed of nails whilst trying to scratch an unattainable itch in the middle of my back) I’m thinking of using it as the fourth wall for that room instead, to go with the fibreglass oak paneling from Jennifer’s of Walsall.  (“After all,” I tell myself, “it’s just a hobby not a tragedy, hardly earth shattering, so just deal with it.”)  I’ve darkened the paneling slightly and painted on a few leaves and floral white blobs to try to blend it in a little.  Might do.

How far on is the frontage?

And for anyone curling at the edges, the wiring is now all plastic encased and labelled, ready to run up the chimney 😉

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