Reviewing the situation


It’s that time of year

Sorting, cleaning, planning and planting.  The weather and calendar clock mess up our balance of the days.  Again.  It brings on the urge to try to stand back and review.  So – for this blog, it’s time to ask myself the yearly questions. After nearly 3 years.

Why a blog

A journal of activity, a cover for the act of talking to oneself, a storage space, a structure about a structure

Why a dolls’ house/model

Joining a friend in her interest, a need for a disciplined activity that stretches mind and hand, a ‘not quite’ job, a time filler between here and there

Why one big 1:12 model

No idea.  Possibly a Gormenghast  fixation?  The building as a microcosm of life?  Didn’t like the idea of one structure expressing one aspect of what was in my head and fancied a variety of expression as you ramble from space to space?  General ignorance of what dolls house building is about.

Why so many people

“Ah, the voices, the voices”.  The rooms have a personality that sometimes demands the visual noise of its inhabitants.  I wanted to feel the purpose of a space and, almost from the start, bought many figure kits, placing them (or just their heads in the rooms when viewing and planning.  And I like costume.

What is the blog now

A distraction from health ‘adventures’.  A statement that I’m still ‘operative’.  Provides a full-stop to each stage in the model and a starting point for the next.  A small act of connectivity to others?  A vanity exercise?

What is the model now

All of the above and a point of focus.  A control freak’s hidey-hole from the vagaries of life.  An escape from committee-like decision making.  A continuing puzzle to work on when I make the chance.

Where to with the model

Complete as much as possible – a number of year’s worth still to go.

Plans for other models

Lots – bought an I don’t quite know what ‘bird-cage-shaped-not-cage’ (from a charity shop) that shrieks 18th Century, Watteau backed dresses, shepherdesses, parti-coloured costumed lute players, Ranelagh and Vauxhall etc and am putting aside bits and pieces towards it.

So …

Take a deep breath and trot on

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  1. Gee, I saw that WordPress sent this out for “Spring Cleaning” and I’ve been cleaning up links and trying to figure what belongs here and what doesn’t but the rest of their questions? I guess I don’t think that much about it..perhaps that is why I am a poor blogger. You may have hit on something there. Thanks.

    • Have WordPress sent out a ‘clean up’ notice? ‘Cos I didn’t notice a notice. I usually check thro why I’m doing what I’m doing once a year – usually because I seriously wonder why I’m doing the blog in the first place, and I get rid of some old posts cos they’re too embarrassing 😉 Don’t you think that blogging is a bit like whispering in an echo chamber and waiting and waiting for an echo?

      I enjoy the ‘moveable feast that is your blog’ very much. I click in and don’t know what I’m going to find that day – whatever had caught your eye in passing and you might want to share. Are you going to do the photos? I look forward to them. Look after yourself and all the best 🙂

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