The Gossips – part II


Dressing the Room

How to dress the women?

theinfill Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean dolls house blog - 1:12 scale dolls - dressing a scene

Looking for knowledge and inspiration in old items such as iron-on transfers and Janet Arnold’s wonderful books (I recommend these books to anyone who loves history and costume – they are to drool over).  In the end went for ready printed fabrics to which may or may not be added stitch-work, braid and or beads.

These ladies are going to be more than a little overdressed – possibly participating in a little one-up-man-ship.  My excuse is that art evidence of costume tends to be mostly of the well-to-do as does any surviving costume.  Quite a few of the very informative images in the Arnold books are from burial clothes – bound to have been interred in their best wear.

All errors in costume are mine and come from the vagaries of a limited appreciation of what has been read or viewed, mixed with the bad habit of adapting and adopting at every turn 😉

The first of the ladies

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      • I was impressed that that Ashwood’s prices were not exorbitant. They have nice things. You really must put a lot of time into this “hobby” of yours. I guess like anything after a while it takes on a life of its own. But why the name “theinFill” . As an American I have to admit I don’t understand it.
        Best of luck DoF.

        • Hello there. Yes the Ashwood’s site is full of great things, reasonably priced. The project certainly has a life and discipline of its own, but was started to ‘keep company’ with a friend who had an existing interest and previous experience of working on dolls’ house models. She can no longer manage to follow her hobby but I’ve just kept going.

          theinfill: or the infill, being a building or material slotted in to an existing gap and suitably molded/formed to fit that space. Well the acquired hobby involves working on a building or buildings and I liked the sound of the words when they’re run together. Incidentally I’m the middle of 5, so it possibly fits there too in some sort of unknown ‘deep’ manner 🙂

          Thanks for stopping by

          • Oops, sorry, no. I wasn’t very clear there, was I. I was referring back to the name of the blog and to being the middle child of 5, and therefore the infill as it were. Again sorry 🙂

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