From mirror to room


a story in pictures

Rather than blog the minutiae of each stage of  the interpretation of this room, I plumped for a kaleidoscope of images on the cartoon model illustrating some of the steps in building my version of the van Eyck room.

Hovering on a photo shows any caption that’s been added, and if you click on any image it will take  you to a gallery view.

I hope you enjoy the splash of colour and imagery of the mosaic layout.

The are many articles discussing the symbolism within the van Eyck painting and I find myself adding my own; for example two, much used candles in the chandelier, two faithful pets (might add the third), a pair of birds at the window.  Make of them what you will.

On with the people, when I can get my brain together 😉

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  3. This room was truly INspired! I love the way you’ve interpreted the painting to miniature and I especially like the chandelier with it’s shadow cast upon the wall – Simply Marvelous!

    • I cheated quite a bit using paintings for ideas, sometimes just a figure such as the lounging messanger in the Grt Hall the posture swiped from Hilliards “Young Man Among Roses”, this bedroom, the clerk’s office at the front door (from Holbein’s painting of Georg Giese) and the whole table from Holbein’s the “Ambassadors” in the attic schoolroom. It sets challanges, gives ideas and leaves you to shoot off at a tangent too 😉

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