Part 3 – Bed Dressing Day


Ah, my life measured in charity shop purchases

This one is a Viscose, closely woven scarf bought locally for a few pence.  Although orangey-red in tone it has dark red embroidery.  It’s soft and hangs fairly well but has to be stitched/glued in place to give it a little more weight.

The bed is heavily bedecked in the painting, with all sides, including the head end, draped with curtaining.  It’s quite hard to decide whether it’s a 6 or 8 curtained job.  I suspect 8, but will stick with 6, thereby leaving the 1/12 scale bed head uncurtained as it has detailed panelling and I’d like to leave it relatively uncovered.

The ‘bedspread’ is filled out with an oblong, boxy mattress shape stuffed with off-cuts from a duvet jacket factory.  I made the whole thing longer than needed so the top end could be bent over and tacked down to create a bolster shape for under the coverlet.

(Must go and sort out the floating carpet and the mysteriously opening storage chest under the window.  Bit spooky – looks like we’re expecting a wee skeletal hand to come forth.)

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